SYSTRAN to Discuss Pure Neural Machine Translation Technology for eDiscovery at Legaltech West 2017

Jun 9, 2017 - (Newswire)

SYSTRAN, a leading provider of language translation software, will be sponsoring Legaltech West in San Francisco this month. While at the event, SYSTRAN is offering private demos of its newest translation software called Pure Neural Machine Translation (PNMT).

SYSTRAN’s Craig Stern is set to explore the topic of using machines to process foreign language ESI during “Neural Networks for Global E-Discovery,” a panel with Bryon Bratcher, Director of Practice Support at Reed Smith, David Hetland, Director of E-Discovery Solutions at SYSTRAN, and Adam Muzika, Sales Manager, Legal at Donnelley Language Solutions.

The panel, which will take place during Legaltech West on Tuesday, June 13th at 10:45 a.m., will discuss the rising pressure on law firms to handle e-discovery data in multiple languages. As Gartner predicts, 80 percent of all litigation will be multilingual by 2020. PNMT provides law firms an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet this challenge.

“Having the ability to automatically translate terabytes of data and get reliable results is invaluable for law firms, especially when timelines and resources are tight,” says Ken Behan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of SYSTRAN. “Legal and e-discovery firms that adopt neural machine translation will gain a real edge over their competition and open their organizations to new business opportunities.”

SYSTRAN’s PNMT engine provides legal organizations the ability to perform e-discovery translation on both audio and text in real-time in 45+ language pairs. Unlike previous machine translation software, PNMT processes an entire sentence or paragraph in the context of the overall document topic, instead of translating segment by segment. This creates a far more accurate output than ever before seen with machine translation, especially for Asian languages.

The PNMT software can be used as a seamless connector to e-discovery software, such as Relativity, or on its own to provide for greater efficiency during review.

SYSTRAN’s team is offering private demos of the PNMT software and how it can be utilized by legal teams to boost productivity and cut translation costs during e-discovery. To set up a meeting or schedule a demo during Legaltech West, contact Craig Stern at craig.stern@systrangroup.com.

To learn more about SYSTRAN’s machine translation solutions for e-discovery, visit  http://www.systransoft.com/translation-products/integrations/cmless-for-relativity/.


About SYSTRAN Software

For over 49 years, SYSTRAN has transformed the way global organizations such as Apple, Adobe, Daimler, HSBC, and Symantec meet the challenges of communicating globally via advanced machine-based translation technology. With the ability to facilitate communication in over 130 languages and 20 vertical domains, SYSTRAN enables instantaneous and automatic multilingual translations for texts, emails, chat, web pages, mobile apps, documents, user-generated content and more.

SYSTRAN is headquartered in Seoul with offices in South Korea, Paris, France, and San Diego. For more on SYSTRAN, visit www.systrangroup.com

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