Climet Instruments Company, a Division of Venturedyne Ltd, the Leading Manufacturer of High Quality Cleanroom Particle Counters and Microbial Samplers, Introduces Trident Series of Remote Sensor Particle Counters

Jun 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

Climet Instruments Company, a Division of Venturedyne Ltd, the leading manufacturer of high quality cleanroom particle counters and microbial samplers, today announced the introduction of a new Trident Series ™ of remote sensor particle counters used for continuous monitoring in biopharmaceutical critical clean areas.

Similar to the current Climet CI-3100 OPT Ethernet sensors, the Trident Series is a 2-channel (0.5 µm and 5.0 µm) particle counter with a fully integrated vacuum pump and HEPA filtered exhaust.  New options include your choice of wired Ethernet (TCP/IP), or Wireless Ethernet (Wi-Fi) network connectivity. Either option is provided with network synchronization and sample data integrity via Check Sum. These advanced network security features ensure the highest level of data integrity.  Sample data cannot be altered, and any missing samples are automatically synchronized (or uploaded) from the internal memory buffer to a user-defined network directory.

Two new proprietary diagnostic methods are employed, as well as a calibration reminder. As appropriate, these will trigger a new “Service Required” front panel LED, and a warning message will also be documented. These features provide users greater Quality Assurance, by identifying potential conditions or events that would normally trigger a deviation report or investigation. 

A Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature sensor is a new user-option allowing companies the opportunity to leverage their investment by providing additional multi-functionality.

Contact closures for a light tower also come standard. However, the Trident Series of particle counters uniquely offers customers a fully integrated user-enabled/disabled 2-color Light Ring (red/green alarm) allowing for easy visual notification of an action/alert condition.

The Trident Series incorporates a memory buffer for up to 10,080 samples.  This robust feature helps ensure data is not lost if network connectivity fails for any reason.

A pioneer in the field of particle counting, Climet once more is the first to introduce a version of the Trident Series (fully enclosed particle counter and vacuum pump) that operates using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+). This innovative feature provides a unique benefit to end users as only one cable provides both power and network connectivity, thus simplifying installation.

As seen on the image above, the new seamless enclosure makes disinfecting and sanitation more effective, and reduces the risk of contamination. 

According to Jim Strachan, General Manager at Climet, “The Trident particle counter series is yet another innovation our team is very proud to bring to market.”  He continues, “In addition to our well established history of unparalleled accuracy and repeatability of measurement, Trident offers users unparalleled high reliability and network fault tolerance, combined with unsurpassed data integrity.”

Dave Chandler, the Engineering Manager confirms, “Prior studies and testing validates Climet has the lowest interval calibration out of tolerance (OOT) rates in the industry.  Our new diagnostics will simply improve upon our own internal high standards of quality, thus further mitigating deviation reports and investigations with customers in regulated industries.”

Climet is currently accepting customer pre-orders and production is anticipated to begin July 2017.

About Climet Instruments Company

Founded in 1962, Climet is engaged in the manufacture of environmental monitoring equipment for use in cleanroom environments (particle counters and microbial samplers).  Differentiated by quality, accuracy, and assurance… Climet offers users unparalleled service, return on investment, and the lowest Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ) on their environmental monitoring instrumentation.

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