Major Changes Lurking Ahead in the San Diego Transportation & Travel Industry

Jun 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Private transportation is a multibillion dollar industry in San Diego, and adapting to the new big dogs impeding their way into the industry is no small challenge.

For companies like Finest City Transportation, finding ways to capture a part of the market has only become increasingly difficult as more private car service providers are entering the market. With the disruption of technology that's occurring in almost every industry, and the introduction of artificial intelligence and self-driving vehicles on the horizon, companies and drivers that rely on leeching their whole business model from the Uber (and Lyft) driver base will not have anything to do if the self-driving autonomous vehicles mission is a success.

For the first time in decades, businesses and independent drivers are having to face a difficult dilemma: either invest in the online marketplace and create a digital presence that facilitates the growth and expansion of technology in the private car service market - or face bankruptcy due to not hitting the bottom line.

For most companies, the difficult part isn't lacking investment funding or lack of budgeting; rather, it's the lack of strategic guidance and execution on the highest yielding strategies for bootstrap startups as well as small to medium sized businesses (which is the majority of San Diego Transportation Providers).

For Finest City Transportation, they were able to successfully get a consistent improvement in their yearly marketing budget ROI (bigger increase in users booking their car services) by shifting away from traditional, "go-to" strategies - and only focusing on what lies ahead and what's working.

Unfortunately for many, it's difficult to find the expertise needed to combine all these different tools in their business arsenal simply due to one fact: scarcity in budget & scarcity of talent. While big dogs such as Uber and Lyft have disrupted the worldwide market with their viral word-of-mouth marketing, other entrepreneurs are working hard to retake what they can of the lucrative private travel transportation business.

Morgan Reiner
Chief Marketing Officer
Finest City Transportation

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