New Corporate Wellness Program (Dallas and Fort Worth)

Jun 12, 2017 - (Newswire)

Ameri Immunization has announced a new corporate wellness program. This program has been designed for small- and medium-sized business. This program can help small businesses with a minimum of 50 employees. This program will be able to help companies by billing service fees to the company or employees' insurance directly. This program will be helpful in early diagnosis, disease prevention and response in case of life-threatening emergencies. The program covers the following services:

1.       On-site flu shots
2.       On-site biometric testing
3.       On-site TB testing
4.       On-site CPR training

Ameri Immunization's professional team is committed to providing on-site services in the following cities. Their experts can design wellness programs that meet the needs of the company.

1.       Dallas — Corporate wellness program
2.       Fort-Worth — Corporate wellness program
3.       Irving — Corporate wellness program
4.       Plano — Corporate wellness program
5.       Garland — Corporate wellness program
6.       Carrollton — Corporate wellness program
7.       Addison — Corporate wellness program
8.       Denton — Corporate wellness program

More details can be obtained by visiting the website http://www.ameriimmunization.com.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/new-corporate-wellness-program-dallas-and-fort-worth-19609795

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