Teresa Tate Callen Opens New Business in Alabama at the Age of 90

Jun 12, 2017 - (Newswire)

Ninety-year-old Teresa Tate Callen from Alabama is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, instead of being long retired and living in a condo in Florida, she has just started her own business. The business is called "It Starts with a Thought," and it is a consultancy agency that aims to provide advice, information, and guidance to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Teresa Tate Callen realized when she stopped working that she had to keep her mind active at all times. She also knew that she had accumulated a wealth of knowledge during her lengthy career. He had worked until she was 75, after which her husband said that he really wanted to enjoy having her at home for the remaining years they had together. She says: "I enjoyed being retired. For about five years. After that, I was done. I couldn't stand the idea of another cruise, or another mindless bingo night in the church hall. I felt that my full potential was being wasted and had to do something about it."

At the age of 80, she decided to write a book. The book was a biography not of her entire life, but rather of her career. An entrepreneur from a young age herself, she first started with a bicycle repair shop in her parents' driveway when she was just 15. She then became the head of the household when her father fought in the Second World War and unfortunately lost his life.

She says: "My father's death came as a massive blow. My mother didn't take it well, and I was essentially left in charge of my five younger siblings. To this day, I believe my mother died of a broken heart, just one year after my father's passing. This left me on my own as head of the household. Every cloud has a silver lining, however, because I had to become a true entrepreneur, bringing money in and acting as both mother and father to my younger siblings."

Through hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of strong family love, the Callen family came through stronger than ever. Each of Teresa's five siblings completed high school and went to college. Her youngest brother then went into business with her, starting a motorcycle repair shop, this time from a proper facility.

Callen eventually became a silent partner in her own business, looking at new avenues. Her husband Mike says: "Teresa never stands still. Once she has done something and it runs itself, she wants to do something else. That is the entrepreneurial spirit in her, and what I fell in love with. I shouldn't have expected anything other than Teresa still starting new projects even now that he is 90."

After Callen's book was completed, and she had a written account of her personal career, she realized she wasn't done. But she also realized that she wasn't alone. She says: "People who are retired have so much knowledge and experience. I am not unique in that! This is the idea behind It Starts with a Thought" — sharing ideas between generations."

The business will bring together various retirees, ranging from politicians to artists, and from businessmen to physicians. Together, they will share their knowledge and views with new entrepreneurs and innovators. One of its first members, who is a lifelong friend of Teresa Tate Callen, Dr. Paul Smith, says: "This is a fantastic idea! We don't sell products, have boards, or presidents. Rather, we deal in ideas. Best of all, we work through Skype so we can placate our better halves who really want us to be at home enjoying our retirement."

It Starts with a Thought will provide advice and input on any idea a client has. Additionally, they will help connect clients with others relevant to their business, including digital media experts and interior designers. Put together, this will give an innovative idea a better chance of being successful. According to Callen: "It does all start with a thought — someone has a thought or an idea, and we can all build on that to turn the dream into a reality."

Over the years, Callen has built up a significant amount of knowledge and experience. She has dabbled in the mechanical industry, written books, worked as a consultant, provided financial advice, and even developed a number of websites. She is a woman of many talents — and a woman with many contacts. Her only requirements for those who want to join the It Starts With a Thought panel is for them to be retired, and to have knowledge.

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