New Website Streamlines Process of Organizing Depositions in Hong Kong

Jun 14, 2017 - (Newswire)

Following up on the success of CourtReporterGermany.com, Optima Juris, the international deposition leader for the past 17 years, today launched a new country-specific website designed exclusively for legal professionals, CourtReportingHongKong.com.  This sleek website offers quick and easy access to essential information on how to set up a U.S. deposition in Hong Kong. With step-by- step instructions, videos, insider tips, advice, and travel information, CourtReportingHongKong.com is the most comprehensive and complete resource available online for attorneys and paralegals setting up depositions in Hong Kong.

“When designing CourtReportingHongKong.com, we wanted an innovative, clean design that would be easy to navigate and facilitate access to its rich content.  We know how busy legal professionals are, and this is a website built to make life easier for them.  CourtReportingHongKong.com has everything that a lawyer or paralegal needs to research and set up a deposition in Hong Kong at the click of a mouse,” said Karen Fahr, Marketing Associate for Optima Juris.

CourtReportingHongKong.com is the second in a series of country-specific websites to be launched by Optima Juris. Each website will focus on the rules and regulations and the most up-to-date information for organizing a deposition in that country. This is the first time such detailed information will be available in exclusive websites, making international depositions easier than ever before to organize for U.S. attorneys and paralegals.

“It’s been our commitment for over 17 years to provide the best possible service and make the process of organizing depositions abroad as easy for our clients as it would be in the States," stated Kimberlee Castro, CSR and Global Deposition Expert at Optima Juris. "We feel this is a major game changer for lawyers and paralegals needing the best results when setting up international depositions.” 

About Optima Juris

Optima Juris (http://www.optimajuris.com) is the first and only U.S. firm exclusively dedicated to organizing deposition services outside of the United States. As an industry leader in organizing U.S. depositions in foreign countries, Optima Juris provides court reporters, legal videographers, interpreters, and conference facilities for depositions, examinations, and arbitrations worldwide. Founded by internationally recognized Global Deposition Expert Ian Hardy and headquartered in California, Optima Juris provides unparalleled local resources and working knowledge to make international depositions happen successfully, every time. 

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