New DHS White Paper on Cyber Resiliency Available From ThreatSketch.com

Jun 15, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Threat Sketch is proud to announce that the recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) white paper on cyber resiliency is available for download from its website, for free. The white paper was a joint effort between DHS, the IT Sector Coordinating Council (of which Threat Sketch is an active member), and the IT Government Coordinating Council. Threat Sketch was built on the belief that a sound risk management plan and business executive involvement in its creation is necessary for a company to survive in this risky cyber landscape. The release of this white paper confirms this conclusion.

The white paper focuses on cyber resiliency, which is a company's ability to handle and survive cyber attacks. Because there is no way to protect your company 100% from cyber attacks, preventative measures are important, but it is also important to be prepared to deal with the attacks that happen when your preventative measures fail. In order to be a cyber resilient company a holistic approach to cyber risk management must be taken.

Becoming cyber resilient means gaining an understanding of the cyber landscape and how it affects your company. Threat Sketch was founded by Rob Arnold after he realized that risk management was a major key to a sound cybersecurity plan, but that the tools available to create a plan were out of reach for many small businesses. Arnold says, "Not only were the products available too expensive for many small to medium-sized businesses, but many of the small business owners thought of cybersecurity as an IT problem, not a business problem." Through Threat Sketch, Rob and his team created a risk assessment that is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses at a price they could afford. Thus the Threat Sketch Risk Assessment was born.

A Threat Sketch Risk Assessment gives business owners an extensive, broad look at the threat patterns facing their company. This report provides a business owner with the cornerstones for creating a solid, holistic, and comprehensive Cyber Risk Management Plan.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) white paper on cyber resiliency is available for download here.

Threat Sketch is an expert at Cyber Risk Management. We are here to help small to medium sized businesses take control of their Cyber Resiliency. To learn more call 844-487-4757, or visit www.threatsketch.com.

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