Centrinet Publishes Cybersecurity Checklist

Jun 20, 2017 - (Newswire)

- Centrinet Corp., the Southeast's leading IT subject matter experts in desktop and application virtualization, today published a guide to help businesses assess their cybersecurity measures in this era of increased regulatory compliance. The e-book, The Only Checklist You'll Need to Uncover Your IT Security Risks, is available for free download at www.centrinetcorp.com/it-security-checklist.

Cybersecurity and data protection rules continue to evolve, especially in heavily regulated sectors such as healthcare and financial services. As these guidelines are introduced or updated, businesses face a learning curve for developing, strengthening, and systematizing enterprise-wide cybersecurity risk management and incident-response programs. Centrinet's new e-book provides a comprehensive checklist to help uncover IT security risks. Areas of concern that the guide explores include:

  • Network intrusions
  • Cloud stack, shadow IT, and mobile vulnerabilities
  • Systems best practices
  • GRC security tools

"Businesses small and large, across a wide range of industries, are increasingly subject to a variety of regulatory compliance measures," says Keith Paschall, Centrinet's CEO. "These standards, aimed to protect sensitive applications, data, and systems, shape IT infrastructure from a fundamental and broad perspective. Subsequently, compliance can be difficult for many businesses in terms of technology and implementation. Our new checklist helps companies determine if they have the proper cybersecurity measures in place so that they are less likely to be flagged during an audit."
To learn more about this e-book or Centrinet's innovative solutions, visit www.centrinetcorp.com.

About Centrinet Corp.
Since its founding in 2000, Centrinet Corporation is regarded today as one of the leading solution advisors of emerging technologies in the Southeast. First establishing itself as a consistent services innovator in the virtualization services sector, Centrinet matured to include business-oriented services that echo the core objectives of a given organization. Several thousand projects later, Centrinet's unique analysis and advanced methodologies elevate it above traditional service providers by allowing unparalleled alignment between business objectives and the technology used to achieve those objectives. In short, Centrinet gets to the heart of your business needs, aligns your business IT goals, and only then prescribes and administers the right tech solution to fit your company. Centrinet makes sure your company reaches its goals because their success is driven by your success. For more information, visit www.centrinetcorp.com.

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