Simsii Offering Quality Backed Yet Cost-Effective Micron Filter Syringes and PTFE Membrane Filters

Sep 13, 2017 - (Newswire)

Simsii offers a wide variety of non-sterile and sterile syringe filters, as well as disc membrane filters for the sample filtration needs of laboratories. The supplier also provides disposable lab filters that include syringe filters with GF pre-filters and sterile gridded MCE membrane filters. Simsii specializes in producing high-end disposable syringe filters for easy use. The supplier creates membrane filters that cater to all the filtration needs of labs. Since the year 2013, Simsii has been producing and supplying the best of lab ware to its clients.

One of the executives at Simsii in a recent interview asserted, "We supply high-quality syringe and membrane filters to our domestic, as well as international clients. Since our company's establishment, we have aimed at providing result-oriented products to each client. We have our manufacturing facility located in China. The highly experienced professionals working at our factory support our scientists in creating unique and innovative lab filters. Whether clients require 4 mm syringe filters or 50 mm syringe filters, we have it all available on our online ordering platform." 

Simsii has a variety of high-end disposable lab filters, including glass fiber syringe filters, nylon syringe filters, and PVDF syringe filters. These filters are housed with medical-grade virgin polypropylene and welded with the high-quality membrane. This prevents any leakage of the sample solvent. The filters provide high flow rates and maximum sample loading capacities. Simsii applies the most stringent of quality control procedures while producing its lab filters. While the filters are color-coded for easy identification, they also display printed specifications for the pore size and membrane type.

The executive further informed, "Our lab filters offer complete visual control to users, as they come with a transparent housing. Buyers can get custom filters from us in accordance with their requirements. While they can choose the required pore size and membrane type, they can also select the required filter diameter to handle different sample volumes. We offer 13 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm PTFE syringe filters, as well as 50 mm syringe micron filters that are supported by ultrapure polypropylene housing."

Lab users do not need to worry about membrane filter price when Simsii supplies disc membrane filters at cost-effective rates. These filters are produced from nylon, PTFE, MCE, CA, CN, PES, PVDF, and PP. All have an extremely uniform micro pore structure and an exceptionally smooth surface. The integral structure contains no fibers or particles that can work loose and contaminate a filtrate. These circular disc-shaped filters come in various diameters and different types for filtering aqueous or non-aqueous liquids. Simsii also offers the best micron filter syringe to be used in labs. 

About Simsii: 

Simsii is a producer and supplier of a wide variety of laboratory filters for particulate removal. These filters find many applications, such as enzyme and peptide purification, tissue culture filtration, protein and nucleic acid filtration, and ion chromatography. Simsii has several types of filters for lab users who may want to buy PTFE membrane filter or micron filter syringe. The supplier provides hydrophobic PTFE syringe filters that are ideal for HPLC solvents and sample filtration. These filters are also a good choice for the filtration of chemical or hot air.

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