SecurityDocs, LLC Releases the Largest Collection of IT Security Whiter Papers to the Public for Free

Sep 16, 2017 - (Newswire)

SecurityDocs just opened their collection of almost 4,000 IT Security Articles and White Papers up to the public. All the papers are free, and registration isn't required.

"We needed a place to read technical security content, not vendor brochures or news. That's the reason we made SecurityDocs," said Mitchell Rowton, founder of SecurityDocs.

"We might have 4,000 papers indexed now, but we'll have closer to 10,000 in a few weeks," said Mathias Hansen, technical lead for SecurityDocs.

"In addition to collecting more external security papers, we also have an obsession for long-form original technical security content," said Belen Elizondo, Editor for SecurityDocs. "We're offering a special right now where we give away $50 Amazon Gift Cards for every accepted submission. We're also working with several freelance authors to quickly build our collection of original," she said.

SecurityDocs is the go-to place for security professionals that need specific technical information, study guides for security certifications, or help with security concepts.

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Mitchell Rowton
Phone: 269.753.5365 
Email: mrowton@securitydocs.com

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/securitydocs-llc-releases-the-largest-collection-of-it-security-whiter-19943471

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