Bra Genie Supports the Girls for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 12, 2017 - (Newswire)

At Bra Genie, proper fitting is the number one priority, but in October, owner Jeanne "Genie" Emory and her team turn their attention to helping support breast cancer research. They aim to make a big impact in 2017 by matching all in-store donations dollar for dollar--up to $5 per customer. The donations will benefit the Mary Bird Perkins Centers in Baton Rouge and Covington to further breast cancer research.

“While this initiative seems obvious for our store, it's really so much more than that,” says Emory. "There have been major strides in research and development since Breast Cancer Awareness came into focus, and we want to help see it through. We are committed to helping end breast cancer completely."

Emory, along with her staff, has often fitted women for bras who have experienced reconstructive surgery after surviving cancer, and their experiences have left the team nothing short of inspired. "These are some of the strongest women I’ve had the pleasure of fitting,” says Emory. "True heroes for fighting such a battle, and these women are ready to take charge of their lives. They are filled with hope and have such a positive outlook. It makes it easy to support this cause." 

The bra fitting experts at Bra Genie are here to offer guidance and provide shoppers with choices that work with their bodies, as well as their personalities. When you shop at Bra Genie, you’ll be educated on the right way to put on bras, how to rotate the bras in your wardrobe and even how to properly launder the bras. 

“Proper fitting is not only important for comfort, but also for overall health,” Emory says. “Poor fitting bras can result in sores or even back pain, and women who have battled breast cancer certainly deserve better than that. Especially after reconstructive surgery, they need a little TLC and some confidence in their new shape. A simple expert fitting can make a big difference in comfort and self-confidence. What better way to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month than making a donation to research after achieving your own perfect fit?” 

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/bra-genie-supports-the-girls-for-breast-cancer-awareness-month-19999055

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