Jack Patrick Finelli Joins the Roman Guy Board of Directors

Oct 12, 2017 - (Newswire)

Italy tour operator The Roman Guy, Inc. (not publicly traded) announced the appointment of Jack Patrick Finelli, age zero, as a Nominee Director of the firm effective 8:48 am on Oct. 4, 2017. Jack is the newest member of the Board of Directors and has had no prior appointments, jobs, nor formal education.

Jack's appointment expands the Board to seven directors, three of which are Nominee Directors. Jack's role has yet to be announced, yet it is likely that he will be highly involved in each of the tour companies historical committees, including those related to Vatican tours, but only when he develops the ability to verbalize and rationalize.

Sean P. Finelli, Chairman of the Board, quotes:

“We are extremely happy with Jack’s recent accomplishments and think he has rightly earned his position on our board. We’ve been vetting him for the last nine calendar months and are overjoyed with the addition. Jack was due to join on Sept. 30, 2017, but took an additional four days of due diligence. He finally decided to join us 42 minutes before our financial markets opened on Oct. 4, 2017.”

Although Jack is not expected to have an active role in day to day operations for five to six years, we are expecting him to be included in our marketing and communication material by quarter 4 of 2018. This is when the Board anticipates he'll take his first steps.

Kelly A. Finelli, an Independent Board Member, is taking a sabbatical for the entirety of quarter 4 of 2017. During this time, she'll help introduce Jack to The Roman Guy procedures, protocols, nap times and general early development skills. Olivia Rose Finelli, age 2, Nominee Director since Sept. 25, 2015, quoted in her recent YouTube video, The Roman Guy is family owned and operated. I love you, Dada. You’re just so beautiful Dada.”

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The Roman Guy, Inc. is a leading Italian tour operator and online seller of tours and experiences.  The Roman Guy has been creating happy memories for tens of thousands of other families since opening in 2012. The company is living proof that innovation can survive without the need for seed money and investors in the 21st century.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/jack-patrick-finelli-joins-the-roman-guy-board-of-directors-19998500

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