Guaranteed Influencer Results: Shopping Links Introduces Product Seeding Option With Guaranteed Brand Exposure

Oct 17, 2017 - (Newswire)

Shopping Links (www.shoppinglinks.com), an influencer marketplace focused on the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, has announced a streamlined service for brands and agencies looking to gift influencers with guaranteed results.

Brands or agencies may select 10, 25 or 50 influencers with a minimum of 10k Instagram followers from Shopping Links' network of 13,000-plus personally vetted influencers for product gifting. Communication details are included for each selected influencer, and bloggers are required to post within 30 days of receiving product.

“This service is designed to give brands and PR agencies a verified and seamless way to reach influencers who align with their brand values and are guaranteed to share,” said Kim Westwood, founder and director of Shopping Links. “Having worked with many brands and agencies, we have seen how expensive gifting can ultimately become in terms of time spent managing influencers, gathering address details and following up to see if they posted. We wanted to provide a solution that gave brands guaranteed results and the chance to form direct, personal relationships with influencers.”

Bloggers have long demonstrated their ability to announce new collections and generate buzz for featured products. Shopping Links collaborations have generated costs-per-engagement as low as $.01 with an ROI of $3 for every $1 spent in immediate eCommerce sales alone. Brands saw additional returns from offline sales and purchases made after the tracking period.

PR agencies have found success with influencer product seeding by demonstrating real, immediate returns from placements secured. Where traditional media placements offer little by way of tracking, blogger placements — particularly when using gifting with affiliate links — provide invaluable insights. The challenge for agencies has traditionally been finding influencers with audiences that align closely with the brand, and ensuring that bloggers actually produce.

Shopping Links is addressing both of these issues by making product seeding more comprehensive. All brands receive:

  • Campaign Analytics. Three months of tracking, showing engagement, reach and sales by individual influencer.
  • Influencer Insights. Brands can review the profiles of each influencer before selecting them to ensure a good brand fit. Shopping Links profiles feature engagement levels, social following across multiple channels, and examples of past content. We encourage all bloggers to connect their Google Analytics, giving brands even deeper insight into their audience demographics.
  • Direct Contact Details. Brands receive full contact details for every blogger selected making it easy to ship product.
  • Guaranteed Results. Bloggers are required to post within 30 days of receiving product. Brands may select a new influencer, no questions asked, if one does not post within three months.

Shopping Links’ product seeding option is now available starting at $895 for 10 influencers with a minimum Instagram following of 10k each.

About Shopping Links

Shopping Links is an Influencer and Content Marketplace that makes it easier for brands of all sizes to connect and collaborate with leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, focusing on long-term relationships and an omni-channel approach. Committed to serving emerging designers alongside established brands and retailers, Shopping Links offers self-serve paid collaborations starting at just $79 USD, product seeding options, and fully managed influencer marketing services. Shopping Links is headquartered in Melbourne with a satellite office in New York.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/guaranteed-influencer-results-shopping-links-introduces-product-20003672

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