Following ‘Good Design Award for 2017 Good Design Best 100’ LIMEX Business Card Received a Special Award for ‘Design of Production Development’

Nov 1, 2017 - (Newswire)

"LIMEX" is new material developed by TBM Co., Ltd. ("TBM"), which is mainly made of limestone and turned into alternatives of paper and plastic without using water or pulp. LIMEX business card has been awarded “Good Design Best 100” out of 4,495 designs. (https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/45529?locale=en)

Following the design award TBM has received, LIMEX business card has also been awarded a Good Design Special Award for “Design of Production Development”, considered one of the most honorable awards to receive (sponsored by Japan Institute Design Promotion). LIMEX business card has been highly evaluated for pursuing innovative environmental performance and its design. Because of this award, TBM will strive to expand the LIMEX business cards globally.   

While producing one ton of regular paper would normally require roughly 20 trees and 100 tons of water, LIMEX can produce one ton of LIMEX sheets with 0.6~0.8 tons of limestone and roughly 0.3~0.4 tons of polyolefin and without using wood or water. One box of business cards, which contains 100 of LIMEX business card, could save 10 liters of water. Memory engraved in a box is designed as a design that makes it easy for users to recognize the contribution to water resources when users take out a business card.

  • In 2013, TBM was adopted into the Innovation Centre establishment assistance program (subsidy for advanced technology demonstration and evaluation facility development, and others) run by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • In 2014, LIMEX acquired a patent in Japan. It has acquired patents in six countries worldwide and applied for patents in 43 countries including America and Europe. 
  • In February 2015, TBM completed a pilot plant in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture, with an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons. 
  • In 2016, TBM became the first winner of Plug and Play in the social impact sector, one of the three-largest incubators in Silicon Valley. 
  • In March 2017, TBM intends to establish a cooperation agreement to explore manufacturing of LIMEX in Saudi Arabia with JGC and NICDP. 
  • In July 2017, TBM was selected as one of the five top companies to participate in the Innovation Showcase of Japan US Innovation Awards program held at Stanford University. 

Takayuki Sasaki, Corporate Officer of TBM Co., Ltd TEL: +81-3-3538-6777  FAX: +81-3-3538-6778  Email: infomail@tb-m.com 
Masafumi Watanabe, Corporate Communication, Global Public Relations of TBM Co., Ltd TEL: +81-3-3538-6777  FAX: +81-3-3538-6778  Email: infomail@tb-m.com 
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