Founder Mike Manclark Leads Leading Edge Aviation Services to Worldwide Success

Nov 3, 2017 - (Newswire)

​During the 1980s, Mike Manclark was keeping a close eye on the booming auto detailing industry.

After realizing the industry was in the middle of a thriving climb, Manclark decided it was not just an excellent business for cars, and it might be just as attractive for aviation vehicles, too.

Mike Manclark was right on the money with his decision and prediction. The entrepreneur founded the company called Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc. in 1989.

But because you have a great idea and start a company does not mean it begins the way you want it to. Manclark began with just a borrowed truck and a few mops. But while the start was humbling, he soon landed big contracts and clients.

Some of these company-boosting contracts and clients were with the United States military and some of California’s most prominent regional airlines.

While these contracts were able to help Manclark purchase more equipment and employ more people for his crews, his big break came soon after. This was when a significant carrier in California asked if his company could provide painting services at the same level in which they offered detailing for aircraft.

This new contract was one that changed Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc. forever.

Founder Mike Manclark rose to the challenge of the new contract and area of service, leading his company to a new level of success and has led them to be the largest aircraft painting company in the world.

All of these new contracts and areas of services provided did not keep Manclark from his ultimate goal. This was to be able to keep customer service at an unbelievable satisfactory level.

With keeping a constant eye on the clients' needs, Manclark realized his booming company needed to offer multiple services under one roof. This would not only help keep customer service at an all-time high but also save the company money and time in resources.

This critical decision led him to house a wide range of commercial services under one roof. These services included fuel system servicing, repair, short- and long-term storage of aircraft, cleaning of deep interior and also the assessment of fleets.

A company that started with just a borrowed truck and a few detailing tools was now gaining contracts and new clients at a rapid pace, plus offering new services as the clients' needs continued to rise.

The impressive resume of Mike Manclark's company continued to grow as he led Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc. to be the first military and commercial aircraft painting company in the world to gain AS-9110 certification. This event significantly raised the bar for performance, customer satisfaction and quality of service.

This certification for Manclark's company is not mandatory in the industry but is fast becoming a global standard of excellence.

Also, the certification assures specific requirements are always met, and that they are crucial to maintenance and repair of military and commercial aircraft.

Having this specific certification can lead to more clients and big contracts, as it adds to the credibility of the company's services.

Even before gaining contracts with the United States military, Founder Mike Manclark had a long history of showing support to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces.

Manclark and his company actively donate to many military causes and foundations, including the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. He also helps with organizations such as Operation America Cares. This group creates custom-made packages for Marines stationed all over the world.

These packages include personally written letters from the group and Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc. matches every purchased box by an employee with one of its own to send overseas.

Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc. Founder Mike Manclark not only took a small company and turned it into a worldwide success, but he also is making a difference for the men and women of the United States military.

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