Tweebaa Helping Everyone to Monetize Their Experience, Skills, Hobbies and Interests Easily.

Nov 6, 2017 - (Newswire)

Tweebaa Inc. announced the official launch of its revolutionary Earning Commerce platform (www.tweebaa.com), which gives everyone the opportunity to make millions without any risks or investment. After 15 years of product development experience and great success in bringing innovative products to consumers (e.g., Shed Pal, Potty Patch, Vidalia Chop Wizard, Woof Washer 360, etc.), Tweebaa is now combining the sharing economy and social media to give everyone the opportunity to use their influence to earn money.

Through the new Earning Commerce platform, everyone has the opportunity to turn their hobbies, interests, skills, talents, special experience, expertise, etc. into money. Anyone can convert their hobbies and interests into an e-product or physical product and upload it to www.tweebaa.com. The product will reach Tweebaa’s huge network of store owners called Tycoons, who quickly maximize the potential for sales and profits. The platform offers many great features, all for free (watch video). Anyone can register and open an online store using the free store builder, add free trendy and innovative products to their store, and use the free CRM package to monitor their marketing efforts. Tweebaa takes care of everything else, so Tycoons can focus on selling products and earning money. There is also a Tweebaa app that is available for both Android and Apple, so users can access the platform no matter where they are!

We are excited to finally have officially launched this great platform after six years of hard work. "Tweebaa is ideal for everyone who wants to make money but doesn't have reliable resources and tools to earn without limitations," says Tweebaa's owner and CEO, Margaret Wang. A young entrepreneur with a passion for new ideas and a vision to change people's lives, Margaret is confident that Tweebaa will have a positive impact on lives of millions of people around the world.

To learn more about Tweebaa, its future plans, or to book an interview, contact Isabella Fong at 905-479-9969, email: pr@tweebaa.com or visit the website at www.tweebaa.com.

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