Bonshin Supplies Rubber Seals and Lost Wax Casting Supplies

Nov 7, 2017 - (Newswire)

​Founded by Wholly (China) Marketing Co, Ltd in 2005, Bonshin is a top-rated company that seeks to provide their clientele with professional sourcing solutions that go a long way in ensuring they cut costs as pertains to their production expenses. The company has a database of over 100 corporate suppliers as well as 1000 Chinese suppliers who ensure they cater to the varying demands of their clients with no delays. Among the product fields their corporate suppliers specialize in are aluminum extraction, lost wax casting, machining, marine boat products, hydroforming, plastic & rubber, welding bending and polyurethane & foam among others. And with an excellent customer service care to back them up, clients can expect to have their queries answered on time and in a professional manner.

Speaking about their team, the Head Engineer said, “At Bonshin, we take pride in the fact that we have only the best individuals on our team who have contributed significantly to the growth of our business. This is due to the hard work they’ve put in in every project that we undertake ensuring the outcomes are always a success. Our team is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds with different industry experience which ensures they deliver high-quality solutions. With such a brilliant team to back us up, we’re capable of converting any drawing or sample to a tangible product meeting your requirements. We’ll go above and beyond to see you smile.”

Customers can now get automotive rubber seals at Bonshin at affordable prices. Bonshin is a manufacturer and trading company of rubber O-ring seals and is capable of providing a full range rotary hydraulic Viton seals. Their tuber seals are ROSH, FDA, and ISO: 9001 which ensures that clients get to enjoy high-performance and quality items that will see their applications become a success. Having been an Alibaba assessed gold supplier for eight years now, they can provide rubber trim seal, extruded rubber seals and rubber strip seal with exceptional features.

Talking on the subject of extruded rubber seals, the Head Engineer added, “If you’re looking to get extruded rubber seals, you can trust us to provide you with these items as this is one of our specialties. Practicing the highest industry standards in all our product deliveries, you are assured of value for money products when you shop with us. Our decade-plus experience in the industry has seen come up with better products which has seen us become a one-stop solution for all your extruded rubber seals needs. At Bonshin we promise never to disappoint.”

Clients can also get low wax casting supplies at Bonshin that have been created from industry standard processes which ensure the resulting products are of superior quality. This creation process involves six steps which include pattern creation, mold creation, pouring, cooling, investment casting removal and finally finishing. Materials that get utilized in this process include metal, copper, aluminum, nickel, carbon steel and so on The part sizes are usually 0.5g to 200 kg and come in various sizes from thin-walled; complex to solid: complex for maximum performance in various applications.

About Bonshin

Founded in 2005, Bonshin specializes in the provision of high-quality products ranging from OEM custom machining, OEM custom die casting, custom tempered glass to customized plastic injection mold case items among others. They boast of the best prices in the market and promise customers high-performance products that will merge seamlessly into their applications.

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