David Chasse From Coralville, Iowa and the Birthday Company Helps Business Owners Increase Customer Satisfaction

Nov 9, 2017 - (Newswire)

David Chase, an entrepreneur, and veteran founded The Birthday Company in 2006 in Coralville, Iowa after seeing an opportunity to show people how appreciated they are.

Most people see companies as lifeless entities, and it’s common to feel surprised when one takes initiative to reach out to us personally. Even when they do, they usually want to sell us something.

David Chase realized that the way companies communicate with their clients often lacks humanity, and one of the things we like the most is being remembered and appreciated.

The veteran then came with an idea that would help companies show their appreciation for their clients on special days such as Christmas or birthdays.

Based on this idea, The Birthday Company was born, bringing a sense of humanity to the way businesses communicate.

In the corporate world, it is harder to show appreciation. But this is where The Birthday Company steps in and helps business owners send cards or gifts to their clients on special occasions.

Networking and retaining clients is extremely important for companies since the cost of attracting new clients is bigger than the cost of keeping your current clients, but to remember each birthday or send cards and gifts can often become quite complicated.

Fortunately, Chasse found a way to make it easy for businesses to show their appreciation to their customers.

You simply go to the website, input all the necessary info (including the special days and addresses of the people you want to receive the cards or gifts), and then activate the system.

Becoming a member of the website is free, and there is no minimum order required. Also, you will find a large variety of cards and gifts for all budgets.

In the corporate world, business owners rarely find the time to sign all the letters by themselves. But The Birthday Company came up with a solution: a high-resolution signature that resembles a real signature.

Each letter that is sent has the address of the client on it. The people who receive the gifts and the cards will never know that another company is sending the letters.

On top of this, you can choose to receive a notification via email on their birthday. After you’ve sent the gift or the card, you can give them a call to show them how much you care about the special moment in their lives.

Companies don’t have to sign contracts nor pay hidden fees when they place an order on The Birthday Company website. You just have to add the names and the special day on their website.

The service is great for small businesses too since the prices for the cards and gifts are anywhere between $2.95 and $55.95, with no minimum order.

By showing your gratitude using the services of The Birthday Company, you also contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Everything is made and packaged in Iowa. David Chasse is a proud veteran who wants to keeps things American.

When it comes to gifts, you have plenty to choose from. You have a large selection of premium chocolate as well as mugs, wine glasses, and even CDs. You will never have to worry about sending the same gift twice since the website will notify you to change the gift if you like.

In a fast-paced world, it is even harder to find time to show your appreciation to your customers when it is much needed.The Birthday Company empowers busy entrepreneurs to show their gratitude and make their customers feel appreciated on their special days.

David Chasse is confident that many businesses will benefit from his service since he already has a large number of positive reviews on his website that show how much he contributed to increasing the customer satisfaction of other companies.

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