Supporting Smokers With 25 Percent Off Everything for the Great American Smokeout

Nov 9, 2017 - (Newswire)

Every year we hear that people would like more advanced notice of the Great American Smokeout, #GASO, so they have time to prepare. Next Thursday, November 16th, is the American Cancer Society's annual event! Each year, over 1 million of America's 36 million smokers participate in refraining from smoking for just 1 day. Seeing that it is possible to stay smoke free for a day, is an important step to quitting for good.

To help support participation, we are offering 25% off everything, both on QuitMarket.com and our Quit Co. Amazon.com Store, for the entire week prior. There are no discount codes or requirements, anyone interested can just visit one of the sites and purchase. There is even a 1 Day Natural Quit Smoking Free Sample Pack available, with all expertly designed Quit Co. products, exclusively on the QuitMarket.com, and everything is just $0.99 for shipping.

Even if you don't smoke, the GASO can be a day to encourage someone you care about to make a plan to quit smoking, and attempt to quit. There is a lot of support available. This year, anyone can chat with the 1st of its kind Artificially Intelligent QuitBot, an expert chatbot support program that will help customize a quit smoking plan and make personalized product recommendations. The Doctor QuitBot is found on QuitMarket.com, and also available in the Facebook Messenger apps and via SMS texting.

Quitting smoking will have an immediate effect on improving your health and reducing your risk of cancer. It is difficult, but finding the right support products for you as an individual will greatly improve your chances to success, and make it easier to quit smoking for good.

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