Utah Startup Helping Kids Turn Screen-Time Into Skill-Time Through Coding Courses

Nov 14, 2017 - (Newswire)

In a world dominated by screens, parents worry about their children’s productivity. Skill Struck aims to ease those concerns by changing the way kids use tech at home.

Skill Struck (skillstruck.com) held bootcamps this summer in Orange County, CA, hoping to understand how children interacted with coding classes. After 60+ hours spent teaching digital skills to kids ages 7-17, Skill Struck made lightning progress with its live and digital courses.

“Our project-based curriculum balances the Fun and Learning factors of skill development. We want to bring this engaging opportunity to kids to help them develop and retain technology talents during the school year” said Parker Gentry, CEO.

As Skill Struck fortifies their approach to live bootcamps, they are introducing a new, online platform. The 12-week hybrid courses work with live mentors and provide 24-hour access to online learning libraries. Students then log on from home once a week for an individualized lesson where they can ask questions and learn new material presented by an instructor.

Parents praise the Skill Struck learning experience. Jeannie Olsen of Highland Utah said, “My husband and I searched countless activities for our 13 year old son, and none of them stuck. Having my son doing Skill Struck classes has been a lifesaver and is helping his self esteem so much!”

The next course starts January 22 with sign-ups available at skillstruck.com.

Parker Gentry, CEO

Email: parkergentry@skillstruck.com

Web: www.skillstruck.com

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/utah-startup-helping-kids-turn-screen-time-into-skill-time-through-20057607

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