WireUpdate.com is aconvergence of twitter and real time breaking news reporting in one central location. Organizing fluid breaking news events and publishing the information that matters is what we do best. Our virtual newsroom allows us to obtain the newest details on breaking news stories quicker than most of our competition.

Our first priority is to deliver the news directly to you. Whether you are following our twitter feed, receiving update alerts from our FriendFeed, or just browsing our website; we are sure to give you the best coverage.

“WireUpdate.com is really a merger between blogging breaking news and tweeting.” WireUpdate.com creator Joe Brooks said, “Our news reporting will always be on twitter, but hosting the content on our own website opens up opportunities to expand our business beyond just twitter. Plus, there is an advantage to having more than 140 characters.”

BNO News

In addition to the launch of the website WireUpdate.com, we have signed a content distribution agreement with the breaking news wire service, BNO News. A selection of articles written by the fastest breaking news service are available at http://wireupdate.com/wires/.

“BNO News is happy to welcome WireUpdate.com as one of its newest clients and we look forward working with them in the future,” Michael van Poppel, President of BNO News, said.

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