Prince Dies at 57 – Developing Story

Police are investigating a death at the estate of superstar Prince in Carver County, Minnesota, according to Carver County Sheriff spokesman Jason Kamerud. Authorities told CNN that the investigation is happening at Prince’s Paisley Park [...]

Donald Trump would be America’s healthiest president, doctor’s letter says

He was declared unfit to fight in Vietnam but according to the Republican candidates physician his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has December 14, 2015 The full Trump health letter, [...]

Sexual health startup invites men to do some Kegels

If you thought that doing Kegels was just for women, you were sorely mistaken. The sexual health product startup Minna Life wants to make sure that men everywhere know the benefits of the pelvic-floor exercises, like stronger orgasms and heightened [...]

What The Healthiest People Do During Their Lunch Breaks

The lunch break is a very valuable part of the workday. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take it seriously. Research shows an astonishing 65 percent of working Americans tend to eat lunch at their desks, in front of screens. Or [...]

Couple says adoption agency lied about child’s severe health problems | Fox News

(iStock) A couple who adopted an 8-year-old girl from China knew she had special needs but they claim they were duped by a Morningside Heights adoption agency about just how dire her health situation really was. Robert and Amy Meeker [...]