Saudi Arabia beheads Prince Al-Kabeer for fatal shooting

A prince who was convicted of killing a man after an argument has been decapitated by sword in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom's government reported on Tuesday, marking the first execution of a member of the royal family since 1977. Prince Turki [...]

15 victims after mass shooting during party in Los Angeles

At least 15 people have been shot, 3 of them fatally, after a mass shooting during a house party in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles. A woman is in custody but police are looking for two additional suspects. The incident happened [...]

Small plane crash in Connecticut was intentional – NTSB

A small plane that crashed in the town of East Hartford in Connecticut, killing one person, was the result of an intentional act, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said on Wednesday. A suicide is suspected. The plane crash, which [...]

Indian police arrest more than 700 people over IRS phone scams

Police in western India have detained more than 700 people who are suspected of working at call centers that defrauded U.S. citizens by posing as officials from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). At least 70 people have been formally arrested [...]

NSA contractor charged with stealing top secret documents

A 51-year-old Maryland man who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) has been arrested and charged after he allegedly stole top secret information, which reportedly includes highly classified computer software. Harold [...]

Report of ‘armed clown’ causes lockdown at Massachusetts college

Police in Massachusetts responded to Merrimack College in North Andover after a tweet claimed that a clown armed with a rifle was on campus. The college was placed on lockdown for nearly an hour but responding officers found nothing suspicious. The [...]

‘Disgruntled’ lawyer opens fire in Houston, injuring 9

A disgruntled lawyer wearing an old Nazi uniform opened fire at vehicles near a shopping center in southwest Houston, injuring nine people at random before being killed in a shootout with police, officials say. The incident began at 6:29 a.m. [...]

Ohio kidnapping suspect leads police to the discovery of 3 bodies

A woman’s report on Tuesday that she was being held against her will in a house in Ashland, Ohio led officers to a murder confession and to the discovery of the remains of three other people, according to officials. Officers located the [...]

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard settle divorce

Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard settled their divorce on Tuesday, and the actress dropped a restraining order that she requested over allegations of domestic violence, saying in a joint statement that neither of them intended to cause harm. [...]

7 stabbed during house party in Sydney suburb of Ryde

A teenager has been killed and six others have been injured after a mass stabbing during a birthday party in the Sydney suburb of Ryde, police in Australia say. No arrests were immediately made. The incident happened just after midnight local [...]