14 hanged as Afghan government returns to executions

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- At least fourteen Afghans have been executed by hanging so far this week, and two more are due to be executed soon, officials said on Wednesday, ending a four-year virtual moratorium on the use of the death penalty [...]

UN: South Sudan hangs two inmates at prison in Juba

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN (BNO NEWS) -- Two prisoners have been executed by hanging at a prison in the capital of the newly-independent nation of South Sudan, the United Nations (UN) reported on Friday, adding that they may have been convicted without [...]

Gambia shoots nine death row inmates in mass execution

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA (BNO NEWS) -- The Gambian government on Sunday executed nine death row inmates by firing squad after they were previously convicted of murder or treason, the interior ministry confirmed on Tuesday, prompting condemnation from [...]

Filipino maid sentenced to death for drug trafficking

SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA (BNO NEWS) -- A Malaysian high court on Monday sentenced a Filipino maid to death by hanging after she was found guilty of trafficking cocaine, state-run media reported. A Malaysian man has also been sentenced to death for [...]

Iran hangs 14 drug traffickers in mass execution

TEHRAN, IRAN (BNO NEWS) -- Fourteen people who were previously convicted of drug trafficking have been hanged in the Iranian capital of Tehran, prosecutors said on Tuesday. Mass executions of mostly drug traffickers are regularly carried out [...]