UN human rights chief ‘deeply regrets’ conviction of Bahraini activists

NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- The United Nations (UN) human rights chief has said the Bahraini appeals court's decision earlier this week to uphold the conviction of 20 human rights activists and political opponents is 'deeply regrettable'. A Bahraini [...]

Human rights group condemns Iraq’s lack of transparency in executions

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) -- Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Friday condemned the Iraqi government for providing no details about more than two dozen people who have been executed this week alone, bringing the number of executions in the country [...]

Gambia shoots nine death row inmates in mass execution

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA (BNO NEWS) -- The Gambian government on Sunday executed nine death row inmates by firing squad after they were previously convicted of murder or treason, the interior ministry confirmed on Tuesday, prompting condemnation from [...]

Belarus executes Minsk subway bombers

MINSK, Belarus (BNO NEWS) -- Two men who were previously convicted of carrying out a deadly bomb attack in the Minsk subway last year were executed on Saturday, state-run media reported on Sunday. The European Union (EU) condemned the execution. A [...]

Iraqi authorities hang 14 convicts in latest mass execution

BAGHDAD (BNO NEWS) -- Iraqi authorities executed fourteen people in a single day earlier this week, the latest in a series of mass executions after U.S. forces left the country in December, a judicial official said on Thursday. The latest executions [...]