Mexican police fire on U.S. diplomatic vehicle, injuring 2

MEXICO CITY (BNO NEWS) -- Federal police opened fire at a U.S. diplomatic vehicle in central Mexico on Friday morning, injuring two U.S. government personnel and a Mexican Navy captain, local authorities said. The reason for the attack was not [...]

Mexico: At least 8 killed after forest keepers and woodcutters clash

MORELIA, MICHOACAN (BNO NEWS) -- At least eight people were killed on Thursday when a violent brawl broke out between forest keepers and woodcutters in western Mexico, officials said. The incident occurred in the municipality of Cheran, located [...]

3 killed, 13 injured in Germany train crash

MÃœHLHEIM AM MAIN, GERMANY (BNO NEWS) -- A regional passenger train collided early Friday morning with a maintenance crane in a small town in central Germany, killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others, police said. The accident [...]

Dozens murdered as police strike in eastern Brazil

BAHIA, BRAZIL (BNO NEWS) -- Thousands of troops and elite federal police were deployed in the Brazilian state of Bahia on Sunday amid a significant increase in murders, lootings and assaults as police continue an illegal strike, authorities [...]

7 suspects die in shootout with security forces in central Mexico

CUERNAVACA, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) -- At least seven people were killed on Monday morning during a shootout between security forces and criminals in central Mexico, officials said on Tuesday. One person has been arrested. The shooting happened at [...]