U.S. stock markets to reopen Wednesday after Sandy kills 43

NEW YORK CITY (BNO NEWS) -- Major stock exchanges in the United States expect to reopen Wednesday after Superstorm Sandy, one of the largest storms ever to strike the U.S. East Coast, forced Wall Street to stop trading for two days. At least [...]

Kurdish militants attack Turkish convoy, kill 7 soldiers

BİNGÖL, TURKEY (BNO NEWS) -- At least ten Turkish soldiers were killed on Tuesday and more than 70 others were injured when suspected Kurdish rebels launched an attack against a military convoy in the eastern region of the country, government [...]

Flash flood in Pakistan-administered Kashmir kills 13

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- Thirteen people were killed on Wednesday when a group of people was washed away by a flash flood in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, emergency officials said on Thursday, raising the death toll as a result of recent [...]

Roof collapse in northern Pakistan kills 5, injures 3

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- The roof of a residential building collapsed in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday morning, killing a couple and three of their children, local media reported on Wednesday. The collapse was [...]

Suicide bomber targets U.S. government vehicle in Pakistan, killing 2

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- A suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into a U.S. government vehicle in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Monday morning, killing two Pakistani nationals and wounding more than a [...]

Floods wash away passenger bus in northeastern Pakistan, at least 9 dead

MIRPUR, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- Flash floods swept away a passenger bus in northeastern Pakistan, killing at least nine people with several others still missing, officials said Wednesday. The passenger bus was reportedly carrying 27 people when [...]

Explosives-laden truck explodes at Chinese cement factory, 9 dead

YINGDE, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A truck carrying more than 7 tonnes (15,400 pounds) of explosives blew up at a cement factory in southern China on Monday, killing nine people and leaving another person missing, government officials said on Tuesday. [...]

Bus crashes into methanol tanker in northwest China, killing 36

YAN'AN, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A double-decker sleeper bus slammed into the back of a truck carrying highly flammable methanol on a highway in northwestern China on Sunday, causing both vehicles to burst into flames and killing 36 people, government [...]

Heavy monsoon rains in northern Pakistan kill 26

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- Heavy monsoon rains that triggered flooding in northern Pakistan has killed at least 26 people and destroyed more than 100 houses, according to a preliminary assessment released by authorities on Thursday. The [...]

Sudanese government officials among 32 killed in plane crash

TALODI, SUDAN (BNO NEWS) -- A Sudanese government minister and scores of other senior officials were killed Sunday when their plane crashed into a mountain in the south of the country, officials said on Monday. The crash is believed to be the [...]