14 hanged as Afghan government returns to executions

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- At least fourteen Afghans have been executed by hanging so far this week, and two more are due to be executed soon, officials said on Wednesday, ending a four-year virtual moratorium on the use of the death penalty [...]

Somali poet shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (BNO NEWS) -- Popular Somali musician and poet Warsame Shire Awale, who dared to satirize the Islamist militant group Al-Shabab, was shot dead Monday near his house in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, local authorities said [...]

Texas warns election monitors to abide by state law or face arrest

AUSTIN, TEXAS (BNO NEWS) -- Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Thursday warned international monitors observing next week's presidential and Congressional election in the United States to either abide by state laws barring them from polling [...]

George McGovern, who lost 1972 presidential election to Nixon, dead at 90

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA (BNO NEWS) -- Former U.S. Senator George McGovern, who won the Democratic Party's presidential nomination in 1972 on an anti-war platform but lost in a landslide to Republican challenger Richard Nixon, died at a hospice [...]

At least 6 killed in western Guatemala clashes

GENEVA (BNO NEWS) -- Clashes in western Guatemala have resulted in the deaths of at least six indigenous people and several injuries, according to the United Nations (UN), which dispatched human rights officers to the region. Clashes between [...]

Military helicopter crashes near Damascus after clipping airliner

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BNO NEWS) -- A Syrian military helicopter crashed near the capital Damascus on Thursday after it clipped the tail of a large passenger plane, the country's information ministry said. The aircraft was able to land safely and [...]

UN Security Council strongly condemns wave of attacks in Iraq

NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- The 15 members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council (UNSC) on late Tuesday strongly condemned a wave of terrorist attacks across Iraq over the weekend that claimed the lives of more than 90 people and injured hundreds [...]

UN human rights chief ‘deeply regrets’ conviction of Bahraini activists

NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- The United Nations (UN) human rights chief has said the Bahraini appeals court's decision earlier this week to uphold the conviction of 20 human rights activists and political opponents is 'deeply regrettable'. A Bahraini [...]

UN: South Sudan hangs two inmates at prison in Juba

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN (BNO NEWS) -- Two prisoners have been executed by hanging at a prison in the capital of the newly-independent nation of South Sudan, the United Nations (UN) reported on Friday, adding that they may have been convicted without [...]

Human rights group condemns Iraq’s lack of transparency in executions

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) -- Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Friday condemned the Iraqi government for providing no details about more than two dozen people who have been executed this week alone, bringing the number of executions in the country [...]