Police helicopter crashes in Atlanta, killing 2 officers

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (BNO NEWS) -- An Atlanta police helicopter assisting in the search for a missing 9-year-old boy crashed in the city's northwest on late Saturday evening, killing the two police officers on board, officials said on Sunday. The [...]

Four stabbed while leaving Halloween party in Miami

MIAMI, FLORIDA (BNO NEWS) -- Four people were stabbed during a fight early Thursday morning while leaving a Halloween party in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami in southern Florida, local police said. Two of the victims are said to be [...]

Man wearing Afghan police uniform kills 2 British soldiers

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- A man wearing an Afghan police uniform opened fire Tuesday at a checkpoint in southern Afghanistan, killing two British service members, military officials in both countries said. It is believed to be the latest [...]

Two killed in violent protests after gunmen kill local politician in Kenya

KISUMU, KENYA (BNO NEWS) -- At least two people were killed Monday when protests turned violent hours after the murder of a politician in western Kenya, local media reported. Four other people were wounded as police battled against violent protesters. The [...]

Police officers kill 4 American, British soldiers in Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- Suspected Afghan police officers opened fire at foreign troops in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday and Thursday, killing two British and two American service members in two separate incidents, officials said [...]

Gunmen kill South African peacekeeper in North Darfur

EL FASHAR, SUDAN (BNO NEWS) -- A South African peacekeeper was killed Wednesday when gunmen ambushed a United Nations (UN) convoy in Sudan's troubled Darfur region, just two weeks after a similar attack resulted in the deaths of four Nigerian [...]

Bangladeshi man held in plot to bomb Federal Reserve Bank in New York

NEW YORK CITY (BNO NEWS) -- A Bangladeshi man who claimed to have links to al-Qaeda was arrested Wednesday morning after attempting to use what he believed to be a 1,000-pound (453-kilogram) car bomb to blow up the Federal Reserve building in [...]

Spate of bomb attacks, shootings kill 16 across Iraq

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BNO NEWS) -- At least sixteen people were killed and more than 30 others were injured Monday when a spate of shootings and bomb attacks targeted both civilians and security forces across Iraq, police said on Tuesday. Among those [...]

UK man jailed for wearing "kill a cop 4 fun" t-shirt

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- A British man who wore a t-shirt with hand-written comments that glorified the murders of two Manchester police officers was sentenced Thursday to four months in prison, prompting free-speech campaigners to [...]

Four UN peacekeepers killed in West Darfur ambush

NYALA, SUDAN (BNO NEWS) -- Four Nigerian peacekeepers were killed Tuesday and several others were injured when gunmen ambushed a United Nations (UN) patrol in Sudan's troubled Darfur region, the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur [...]