European Union bans Syrian flights from its airports

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (BNO NEWS) -- Passenger and cargo flights operated by Syrian airlines will no longer be allowed to land at airports in the European Union (EU) under new sanctions adopted Monday to further increase pressure on the regime of [...]

Pro-government cameraman shot dead in eastern Syria

DEIR EZZOR, SYRIA (BNO NEWS) -- A cameraman working for pro-government television station al-Ikhbariya was shot dead in a city in eastern Syria on Wednesday while covering the ongoing civil war, making him the 25th journalist to be killed in [...]

Military helicopter crashes near Damascus after clipping airliner

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BNO NEWS) -- A Syrian military helicopter crashed near the capital Damascus on Thursday after it clipped the tail of a large passenger plane, the country's information ministry said. The aircraft was able to land safely and [...]

UN envoy says destruction in Syria is reaching ‘catastrophic proportions’

NEW YORK (BNO NEWS) -- The new Joint Special Representative of the United Nations (UN) and the Arab League on the Syrian crisis, Lakhdar Brahimi, on Tuesday said the death toll as a result of the ongoing civil war is "staggering" and the destruction [...]

Syrian gov’t and opposition forces committing war crimes – UN

GENEVA (BNO NEWS) -- The United Nations (UN) on Wednesday reported that both the Syrian Government and opposition forces have perpetrated war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the ongoing conflict. According to a new report by the [...]