Small plane crash in the Canadian Prairies kills 1, injures 7

SNOW LAKE, CANADA (BNO NEWS) -- A pilot who was the son of an airline owner was killed Sunday and seven others were injured when a small plane crashed in the Canadian prairie province of Manitoba, officials said on Monday. The cause of the crash [...]

Police helicopter crashes in Atlanta, killing 2 officers

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (BNO NEWS) -- An Atlanta police helicopter assisting in the search for a missing 9-year-old boy crashed in the city's northwest on late Saturday evening, killing the two police officers on board, officials said on Sunday. The [...]

U.S. Coast Guard orders probe into HMS Bounty sinking

PORTSMOUTH, NORTH CAROLINA (BNO NEWS) -- The U.S. Coast Guard on Friday ordered a formal investigation into the loss of the replica tall ship HMS Bounty, which sank off the coast of North Carolina earlier this week, and resulted in the death [...]

Bus crash in the southern Philippines kills 5, injures 22

SAMAL, THE PHILIPPINES (BNO NEWS) -- Five people were killed Tuesday and more than 20 others were injured when a bus crashed into railings along a road in the southern region of the Philippines, disaster management officials said on Wednesday. [...]

Electrical fire at Saudi wedding kills 25, injures 37

HIJRAH JADEEDAH, SAUDI ARABIA (BNO NEWS) -- At least 25 people were killed on late Tuesday evening when celebratory gunfire caused a high-voltage power line to fall onto a women's gathering at a wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia, local authorities [...]

14 killed, scores displaced in southern Sumatra clashes

KALIANDA, INDONESIA (BNO NEWS) -- Violent ethnic clashes on the Indonesian island of Sumatra continued for a third day on Tuesday, raising the death toll to at least fourteen as more than 1,600 others have been displaced, local authorities said [...]

Road accident in central Pakistan kills 26, injures 13

BAHAWALPUR, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- Women and children were among at least 26 people killed Tuesday when an overloaded passenger van collided head-on with a pick-up truck on a highway in central Pakistan, local authorities said. Police said it [...]

Floor collapse at Florida apartment injures 55

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (BNO NEWS) -- A floor collapsed at a crowded apartment building in northwest Florida on early Sunday morning, sending scores of people plummeting and injuring 55 of them, local authorities said on Monday. The cause of the [...]

Death toll reaches 18 after bus falls into river in southwest Nigeria

LAGOS, NIGERIA (BNO NEWS) -- Eighteen people are now believed to have been killed after a passenger bus veered off a road and plunged into a river in southwestern Nigeria late last week, local authorities said on Monday afternoon. Only three [...]

School bus falls off cliff in central China, killing 4

YONGZHOU, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A school bus carrying nearly 50 people fell off a cliff in central China on late Thursday afternoon, killing four people and injuring more than 40 others, state-run media reported on Friday. The cause has been blamed [...]