14 hanged as Afghan government returns to executions

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- At least fourteen Afghans have been executed by hanging so far this week, and two more are due to be executed soon, officials said on Wednesday, ending a four-year virtual moratorium on the use of the death penalty [...]

European Union suspends enforcement of carbon tax on air travel

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (BNO NEWS) -- The European Commission of the European Union on Monday announced it will suspend enforcing its controversial carbon tax on air travel until at least autumn 2013, creating space for political negotiations to agree [...]

Euro area unemployment rate hits record 11.6 percent

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (BNO NEWS) -- The euro area (EA17) unemployment rate reached a record 11.6 percent in September, up a tenth of a percentage point when compared to the previous month, the European Union (EU) said on Tuesday. The unemployment [...]

European Union bans Syrian flights from its airports

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (BNO NEWS) -- Passenger and cargo flights operated by Syrian airlines will no longer be allowed to land at airports in the European Union (EU) under new sanctions adopted Monday to further increase pressure on the regime of [...]

At least 7 Turkish soldiers killed in roadside bomb

ANKARA, TURKEY (BNO NEWS) -- A bomb attack on Tuesday targeted a military vehicle and killed at least seven Turkish soldiers in the eastern region of the country, local authorities said. The attack occurred in the district of Atatürk in [...]

EU approves Universal’s takeover of EMI

BRUSSELS (BNO NEWS) -- The European Union (EU) on Friday announced that the Commission approved the proposed acquisition of EMI's recorded music business by Universal Music Group for $1.9 billion. The Commission initially had concerns that [...]

Kurdish militants attack Turkish convoy, kill 7 soldiers

BİNGÖL, TURKEY (BNO NEWS) -- At least ten Turkish soldiers were killed on Tuesday and more than 70 others were injured when suspected Kurdish rebels launched an attack against a military convoy in the eastern region of the country, government [...]

Philippines implementing reforms to improve air safety rating

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (BNO NEWS) -- The government of the Philippines is implementing further aviation reforms in the hopes of restoring the country's air safety rating in the United States, officials said on Thursday. The government is also hoping [...]

Gambia shoots nine death row inmates in mass execution

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA (BNO NEWS) -- The Gambian government on Sunday executed nine death row inmates by firing squad after they were previously convicted of murder or treason, the interior ministry confirmed on Tuesday, prompting condemnation from [...]

Russia officially joins World Trade Organization as 156th member

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (BNO NEWS) -- The Russian Federation on Wednesday officially joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), a month after Russian President Vladimir Putin's signing of a bill cleared the last hurdle to finish an 18-year-long process [...]