Pakistani teen activist flown to Britain for specialist medical care

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BNO NEWS) -- A 14-year-old Pakistani girl, who was critically injured last week when she was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen for advocating for girls' education and criticizing the militant group, was flown to Britain [...]

Gambia shoots nine death row inmates in mass execution

BANJUL, THE GAMBIA (BNO NEWS) -- The Gambian government on Sunday executed nine death row inmates by firing squad after they were previously convicted of murder or treason, the interior ministry confirmed on Tuesday, prompting condemnation from [...]

48 tons of silver recovered from WWII merchant ship

TAMPA, FLORIDA (BNO NEWS) -- Odyssey Marine Exploration on Wednesday announced it has recovered approximately 48 tons of silver bullion from a British cargo ship that sank off the Irish coast during World War II. The bullion was recovered from [...]

Ecuador could decide on Assange’s asylum request on Thursday

LONDON, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- The Ecuadorian government could make a decision on the fate of Julian Assange, the founder of the controversial whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks who has sought refuge at the country's embassy in London, as early [...]

UK government warns of ‘imminent’ terrorist attacks in Nairobi

LONDON (BNO NEWS) -- The British government on Saturday warned that terrorists are believed to be planning imminent terrorist attacks in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi and warned its citizens to exercise caution. Nairobi police chief Anthony [...]