Great apes also experience midlife crises, study finds

COVENTRY, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- Chimpanzees and orangutans can experience a mid-life crisis just like humans, according to a team of international researchers who have studied hundreds of great apes in recent years. It is the first time animals [...]

Survey: Majority of Michigan residents now support gay marriage

EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN (BNO NEWS) -- A majority of residents in the U.S. state of Michigan now support the legalization of same-sex marriage, according to a new survey which reflects similar changes seen in other parts of the United States. [...]

European Union suspends enforcement of carbon tax on air travel

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (BNO NEWS) -- The European Commission of the European Union on Monday announced it will suspend enforcing its controversial carbon tax on air travel until at least autumn 2013, creating space for political negotiations to agree [...]

Strong earthquake hits the Gulf of Alaska, no damage

JUNEAU, ALASKA (BNO NEWS) -- A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck underneath the Gulf of Alaska on Monday morning, making it the area's strongest earthquake in more than a quarter of a century, seismologists and witnesses said. There were no reports [...]

Powerful quake off Guatemala kills 52, leaves others missing

CHAMPERICO, GUATEMALA (BNO NEWS) -- More than 50 people were killed Wednesday and nearly two dozen remain missing after a powerful earthquake struck off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, authorities said on Thursday. Some 250,000 people have been [...]

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake hits northwestern Iran, injuring 50

VARZAGAN, IRAN (BNO NEWS) -- A moderate earthquake shook northwestern Iran Wednesday near the borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan, injuring at least 50 people, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported. It comes just three months after a larger [...]

Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church chooses new pope

CAIRO, EGYPT (BNO NEWS) -- A blindfolded boy picked the name of Bishop Tawadros from a crystal chalice during a ceremony Sunday filled with prayer, chants and incense at a cathedral in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, making him the new pope of [...]

U.S. economy adds 171,000 new jobs in October

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) -- Employers in the United States added 171,000 jobs last month as more people began looking for new jobs, causing the unemployment rate to edge up by a tenth of a percentage point, the U.S. Labor Department (DOL) [...]

Texas executes man who murdered girlfriend for drug money

HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS (BNO NEWS) -- A Texas man was executed on late Wednesday for murdering his live-in girlfriend after she refused to give him money to support his drug habit, officials said on Thursday. He is the 35th person to be executed in [...]

Poll shows 90 percent of Europeans would vote for Obama

LONDON, ENGLAND (BNO NEWS) -- More than 90 percent of Europeans would vote for President Barack Obama if they were able to vote in Tuesday's presidential election in the United States, effectively overshadowing Republican challenger Mitt Romney, [...]