School bus falls off cliff in central China, killing 4

YONGZHOU, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A school bus carrying nearly 50 people fell off a cliff in central China on late Thursday afternoon, killing four people and injuring more than 40 others, state-run media reported on Friday. The cause has been blamed [...]

Office building collapses in northeastern China, killing 6

SHUANGYASHAN, CHINA (BNO NEWS) - A four-story office building undergoing renovation collapsed in the northeastern region of China on early Monday morning, killing six people and injuring two others, state-run media reported on Tuesday. The cause [...]

5 construction workers killed when tunnel collapses in southern China

NAJIA TOWNSHIP, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A part of a tunnel under construction collapsed in southern China on early Wednesday morning, killing five construction workers and injuring another, a state-run news agency reported. The cause of the collapse [...]

Blast at illegal fireworks workshop in northern China kills 5

JIANZHUANGZI, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- An explosion ripped through an illegal fireworks workshop in northern China on late Monday morning, killing five members of a family who were working there, state-run media reported. The cause was not immediately [...]

Elevator plunges 30 floors in central China, killing 19

WUHAN, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A platform elevator suddenly fell from the top of a high-rise building Thursday and slammed into the ground at a construction site in central China, killing all nineteen people on board, local authorities said. The [...]

3 dead, 7 missing after NW China mine accident

ZHANGYE, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- Rescue workers on Friday recovered the bodies of three workers who went missing at a coal mine in northwestern China when a platform overturned, local authorities said on Saturday. Seven other workers remain missing [...]

Explosives-laden truck explodes at Chinese cement factory, 9 dead

YINGDE, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A truck carrying more than 7 tonnes (15,400 pounds) of explosives blew up at a cement factory in southern China on Monday, killing nine people and leaving another person missing, government officials said on Tuesday. [...]

Bus crashes into methanol tanker in northwest China, killing 36

YAN'AN, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A double-decker sleeper bus slammed into the back of a truck carrying highly flammable methanol on a highway in northwestern China on Sunday, causing both vehicles to burst into flames and killing 36 people, government [...]

At least 4 killed, 1 buried in northwestern China construction stie accident

XI'AN, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- At least four people were killed and a fifth buried after a construction site accident in northwestern China, officials said Wednesday. The accident occurred when a equipment collapsed at a construction site of a [...]

Blast at illegal workshop in eastern China kills 13

WENZHOU, CHINA (BNO NEWS) -- A large explosion and resulting fire Sunday ripped through an illegal family-owned workshop in eastern China, killing at least thirteen people and injuring more than a dozen others, government officials said on Monday. [...]