Muhammed Sonday Creates New Line of Clothing

Oct 3, 2017 - (Newswire)

Meet Muhammed Sonday, a young entrepreneur whose dream became a reality in August, this year, after he opened a skater clothing brand – Aesis.

"A revolutionary idea," as he describes, his brand offers a variety of products. From hoodies to jeans, caps, short pants, sneakers, you can find anything you want if you are a "live fast die young" type of teenager or a hipster who loves to be original.

When asked what influences his style, Mr. Muhammed Sonday replied: "I think my biggest influence is me. I see the world through my eyes, through my vision. So it's better to assume that I am the master of my creation, the molder of my universe. I think of clothes as a piece of art. You can't make art if you are not entirely committed to learn, fail, and learn again. My art descends from the corners of funk, hip-hop, and punk. It's the art of people, the art of the streets. I grew up in Queens, fascinated by graffiti, by rap, by the culture of hip-hop. When I became a teen, I started to skate and aspire to become a pro skater."

While we were wondering about the meaning of the name of his brand, the young man told us that "Aesis" is actually his nickname: "My friends used to call me like that. The 'AE' combination is read as "ai̯" and it comes from Latin. The word itself summons the mythic, and it is meant to describe the work of Gods. I used to get stuff done; this is why I got called like that. My work is god-like, you could say," described "Aesis" as he laughed.

We took a look into one of his stores, and we were fairly impressed. The aesthetics are magnificent. You could feel a "Tumblr"-ish vibe combined with graffiti and hip-hop music.

"My style is based on the 90s era of punk and hip-hop, this is why I had to make sure that I appeal to this type of stereotype. You can hear a lo-fi type beat playing in my store. You can also hear Blink-182 or Nirvana. Some people come here because our store has great music. I am a music lover; this is why I sometimes find my inspiration listening to old albums like Nas' Illmatic - a classic, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and so on. The 90s were a defining era for new waves of sound and art."

Mr. Muhammed Sonday was kind enough to give some advice to new entrepreneurs that want to make a name for themselves in the clothing market: "The main thing you need to know is who you are selling your merchandise to and how do you reach them? Ask yourself this question before you start. Personally, I knew what I wanted and I had a group of people who were already in the business, so it was natural for me to grow fast.

"Make connections, learn from mistakes and most importantly, learn from people who have more experience and are smarter than you. If you have pride in what you do, that's okay, but remember that there are two kinds of pride. You don't want to fall into the bad one; remember - there will always be someone that is better than you.

"When I first started, I bought samples of blank shirts, and I asked my friends which blank they like the most. Yes, your opinion should also matter, no doubt about it, but you have to make some designs and ask them which ones they find more appealing. You never, but never listen to the people who tell you to quit what you're doing. This advice is available for every type of business, not clothing only."

We wish Mr. Muhammed good luck in his pursuit of success.

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