Sagz Jeans, a Built-in Boxer Men Saggin’ Jeans Line, Officially Relaunches

Oct 3, 2017 - (Newswire)

SAGZ JEANS, a naturally designed and functional line of stylish jeans that come with a built-in boxer for ultimate comfort and movability throughout any daily schedule, this week announced after their jean tease over the past few years, the products are finally here and available on their platform.

Equipped with a detachable and removable boxer that comes with snaps, SAGZ JEANS are known for their style, swag, and mobility above all else.

“Instead of waiting for the perfect pair of jeans to break in and mold to our figures, with SAGZ JEANS, consumers can jump right to that unmistakable saggy jean look that hugs shapes perfectly while leaving room for comfortable movement,” said George Harris, Designer of SAGZ JEANS. “Our new, amazing jean line is officially available for perusing and purchase on our website today.”

SAGZ JEANS can be sagged at three different levels, as part of the tri-level boxer design. As such, users won’t need to wear a belt or any other constricting piece of clothing to keep their jeans saggin’ yet cinched.

“Our jeans are tough, durable, and built to last throughout the day. They aren’t just for show,” said Tavon James, co-designer of SAGZ JEANS. “Users can turn up at the club, show up to the skate park, or play some basketball with friends without wearing and tearing the seams. Our goal is to put both fun and swag back into functional fashion, one pair of SAGZ JEANS at a time.”

Right now, shoppers can head to the website and check out SGZ-100, SGZ-200, SGZ-300, SGZ-400, SGZ-500, and SGZ-600, all carrying a different jeans’ hue to match every individual style. Additionally, there are five different snap-in boxer extras that come with plain colors, stripes, plaid patterns, and so forth.

SAGZ JEANS are the result of a young team of designers passionate about modern fashion and design. The brand can be followed on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates, giveaways, photography, and more.

“Plus, for those who want to see the SAGZ JEANS in action, we have a feature video on our website that showcases the jeans on different body types in different urban settings around the community,” said Harris. “Love your saggin’ jeans with SAGZ JEANS today.”

For more information, or to shop the first initial SAGZ JEANS line available right now, visit: https://sagzjeans.com.

Contact: Mark Davenport, 631-402-7734, info@sagzjeans.com


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