Mareag.com Plans to Expand Selling Into the Canadian Market With Physical Store

Oct 4, 2017 - (Newswire)

 After several years of being not available as a physical store, Mareag.com is now showing an interest in creating a more accessible way to deliver high-end products to their customers. Thanks to high sales per square foot the Canadian market proves to be the best place to start a physical presence.

“Through the years, Mareag.com has been the reliable partner of many Canadian e-buyers and we are quite excited if we can successfully reach the Canadian market through a physical store. We are currently planning the idea of expanding the selling into this market and we can make it possible with the help of physical store early 2018. If done successfully, our physical store can make the most convenient way of offering our electronics,” said David Clements, company owner.

The brick-and-mortar expansion offers both potential benefits and pitfalls. On the benefit side, it removes the barrier for the shoppers who are leery of buying online, without trying on an item for sizing and feel. On the pitfall side, many online retail companies assume that because they are successful online, they will be equally successful in a store environment. While online shopping is an amazing way to reach vast numbers of shoppers, there is still a segment out there that simply won't shop online.

With the upcoming selling improvements of Mareag.com, more Canadians will be able to experience the service and product quality that the company offers. They can also provide a better assistance and able to leverage their way of determining the needs of the market. Their main purpose of planning out a selling expansion is to provide better, personalized service.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/mareag-com-plans-to-expand-selling-into-the-canadian-market-with-19987288

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