Pipette.com Partners With Qualer to Further Enhance Their Service ISO 17025 Pipette Calibration Offering

Oct 6, 2017 - (Newswire)

Pipette.com has just finished on-boarding to the Qualer Calibration, Asset, and Service Management Platform. They are now servicing pipettes on Qualer and allowing their customers to access their pipettes in the free asset management portal powered by Qualer. This is a huge added value for current and future customers of Pipette.com. Now, anyone that calibrates pipettes with Pipette.com can log in and view their assets, pull calibration certificates, and gather a wide variety of other useful data to make business decisions. Qualer also allows companies to calibrate, service and manage all other assets found in a typical laboratory such as balances, centrifuges, freezers, gauges and much more.

Colin Walker, Head of Operations at Qualer said, "We all know compliance and quality are table stakes in the life sciences industry. Qualer's deployment at Pipette.com doubles down on both of these for customers while absolving managers of the burden of managing the lifecycle of their pipettes. We couldn't be more thrilled."

Pipette.com has been servicing pipettes in North America since 1996. They've always seen themselves at the forefront of technology and innovation. Moving to Qualer embodies their passion for quality service and being one of the most technologically advanced calibration providers in the world. We anticipate that it won't be long until many other calibration providers follow their lead, but for now, Pipette.com is setting the bar high for the competition.

Qualer will speed up the calibration process for the Pipette.com calibration technicians. This means faster turnaround times for their customers and an increased capacity to handle more work without having to bring in additional resources. "This new technology will give us a 10-15 percent increase in capacity without having to change our current process," said Olga Shontsevaya, the Quality Manager at Pipette.com.

Now, all Pipette.com calibration clients can log into Qualer and view their pipettes and have instant access to its service records. Here they can also access all calibration history in addition to pull/store calibration certificates. They can even create custom reports with information about repair costs, depreciation values, calibration failures and much more. With this new technology, there is no more waiting for calibration reports. Calibration certificates are immediately generated and available to customers once their calibration service is complete and can be accessed anywhere.

For those of you that receive "As Found" calibration (aka "As Received" service) prior to getting your pipettes calibrated, you will now be notified about out of tolerance failures within seconds. Users will receive an email as soon as a pipette fails, giving them vital information to better assess past results. If a pipette proves to be out of calibration, users will want to look back at their recent experiments and evaluate if that pipette could have caused any variances in their data.

To learn more about Qualer and what Pipette.com can offer in regards to pipette calibration, call or email one of their Pipette Enthusiasts today (800) 243-3232! You may also check out this short video about their collaboration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fN6bNmO3Ck

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/pipette-com-partners-with-qualer-to-further-enhance-their-service-iso-19990660

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