Top 10 Jungle Begins Coverage of Non-Profit Christian and Trinity Debt Relief Programs

Oct 6, 2017 - (Newswire)

Online review powerhouse, Top 10 Jungle, begins coverage of non-profit Christian and Trinity Debt Consolidation Programs. The robust expansion of consumer lending is setting the table for significant growth for non-profit Christian and Trinity debt relief programs. 

"The consumer debt consolidation industry has been experiencing a resurgence since the shake-out of 2010 - 2011, and we anticipate continued growth in the sector." said Benny Alvarez, Top 10 Jungle spokesman,  "To state the obvious, consumer debt consolidation activity is tied to growth in consumer lending. According to last years Fed report, consumer debt has surpassed $3.5 trillion."

Christian and Trinity Debt Consolidation Programs offer four primary services:

Debt Management Plan: A certified credit counselor creates a plan to consolidate your consumer debts and lower the interest rate, setting up one monthly payment to erase the debt over three to five years.

Bankruptcy Counseling: One hour before filing and one hour after filing.

Student Loan Counseling: Entrance Counseling, Financial Awareness Counseling, PLUS Credit Counseling & Exit Counseling.

​Housing Counseling: ​Pre-purchase counseling, reverse-mortgage counseling, delinquent mortgage counseling and homebuyer education.


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For press inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact Benny Alvarez.

Trinity Debt Management

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