Chilling Novella Goes Inside the Mind of a Sociopath and the Town He’s Targeted for Revenge

Oct 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

When Curtis Ware is released from jail, he wanders from his home state of Iowa to the small fishing town of Riverside, Maine. Trying to get back on his feet, he engages in a medley of scams to line his pockets. Whether it’s running a fake taxi service, taking donations for war veterans, or setting up a flimflam carnival operation, Ware always gets away with his con.

It’s not until a group of preteen mischief-makers, including a paperboy named Ace Gordon, cross his path that his criminal empire takes a sharp turn, sending him down a vengeful spiral of violence.

So sets the stage for A Stalker’s Journey, John Lukegord’s compelling illustrated novella that gives readers a rare insight into the mind of a mentally unhinged man hell-bent on revenge and who becomes increasingly more violent with each passing page.

“Inherently creepy. More and more unsettling as the story progresses. John C Lukegord provides stellar coverage of both his villain and young victims” — Kirkus Reviews

A Stalker’s Journey asks readers to question how far one man would go to seek revenge, and it challenges them to consider his perspective. “It doesn’t matter if people are inherently good or bad,” Lukegord states, “it is the snowfall of events that happen to them and the choices they make as a result. We all have the opportunity to accept our experiences or dwell on them.”

A Stalker’s Journey is a depraved cat and mouse chase between a man grappling with his own inner demons and the neighborhood pranksters who Curtis Ware may just see himself in. This tale resembles a horrifying retake on Dennis the Menace or Home Alone, yet it’s also a story of karma and what happens when the state of vengeance is inescapable.

John Lukegord is a writer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. His previous books are The Haunted Trail and its sequel The Haunted Trail: The War of the Dublin Woods. A Stalker’s Journey can be purchased from Amazon.

John Lukegord


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