Intratec Discloses Costs of Calcium Hypochlorite Production via Sodium Method

Oct 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

Intratec Solutions LLC, leading provider of chemicals and utilities pricing data and production cost reports, is pleased to announce a new report examining the costs of production of Calcium Hypochlorite.

The report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of Calcium Hypochlorite production from slaked lime, sodium hydroxide and chlorine. The process examined is a typical sodium process.  The study may be extended with optional analyses, such as Economic Analysis for Different Capacities, Process Flow Diagrams & Equipment List, and analyses providing capital & production costs in several countries.

The new study is now part of Intratec portfolio of more than 900 up-to-date, independent and cost-effective reports.  Intratec studies can be purchased online at Intratec website, via credit cards.

The content of the new report can be checked at www.intratec.us/analysis/calcium-hypochlorite-e11a

For other Intratec reports focused on the costs of production of Calcium Hypochlorite, via other manufacturing processes and/or different raw materials, visit www.intratec.us/analysis/calcium-hypochlorite-production-cost

About Intratec Solutions LLC

Intratec (www.intratec.us) is a leading provider of chemicals and utilities pricing data and production cost reports. Our business is about providing up-to-date and independent studies detailing production costs of chemicals and utilities, as well as chemical commodities and utilities pricing data. Our portfolio covers +300 chemicals and utilities, including basic chemicals and inorganics, plastics, fibers and rubbers, green chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, specialties and more.

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