William Gilbert Lightner Created His Own Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Georgia

Nov 7, 2017 - (Newswire)

A man in Georgia dedicates most of his free time to looking for abandoned animals, feeding them, and taking them home to his own shelter.

William Gilbert Lightner is concerned by the fate of animals and how it impacts the lives of the people who live in Georgia too, as many abandoned animals are often abused by their previous owners. These animals also tend to be more aggressive.

Another concern is contagious diseases. Many of these animals aren’t vaccinated and carry a number of illnesses that pose a threat to humans.

While many ignore the fate of abandoned animals, Lightener appeals to our humanity as well as to our own safety when he explains his motives.

Suffering should move us because we never know when we will be the ones who are ignored by others, not to mention the dangers we expose ourselves to when we walk down the street and a stray, scared dog sees us and believes we are going to treat him like his old owner.

He also explains that the climate in Georgia is also an obstacle when it comes to providing shelter to the abandoned animals.

"Because of the warm climate in Georgia, most of the abandoned species of cats, dogs, and other animals find it hard to accommodate when no one takes care of them."

But the animal lover doesn't always rely on organizations to help him out. Sometimes, he goes on the street and feeds stray puppies. Many times, he finds dehydrated animals and even dead animals.

"Sometimes I find puppies like this in the worst possible physical state or even dead. I keep four bottles of water in my car because of most of the time, the poor creatures are extremely dehydrated. People really don't care, especially people from Marietta. How could somebody leave them like this? I wonder how people would feel if they were left outside in the hot summer with no food or water for whole days," added William Gilbert Lightner.

After a few hours of wandering, he finds some stray animals that he feeds and brings over to his animal shelter.

He admits that some people might find it hard to believe that he uses all of his free time to take care of stray animals, and he sometimes has to leave his workplace because he receives calls that a stray animal is in danger. But as he proceeds to explain to us why he does it, it’s obvious that his love for animals makes his time spent taking care of them worth it.

His love for animals started when he received his first puppy from his parents. He explains that his love for animals shapes his life and he cannot imagine giving up on what he is doing for abandoned animals.

"It was the best gift that I could be given: a little Beagle. They knew I love Beagles. At that young age, I started to learn what responsibility really represented. I can say that I became a man. My father was a jazz player which meant that I had to play an instrument. I hated it but now that I look back, it might have been one of the best decisions my parents have made, along with the fact that they gave me a dog for my birthday. I started to develop a love for both music and animals. Of course, creativity was not my strongest feat, but my love for music evolved into audio engineering," explained William Gilbert Lightner.

Some consider him a local superhero, while others believe that he is a little too attached to his cause. One thing is certain, though: his dedication has a real impact on the community.

Original Source: https://www.newswire.com/news/william-gilbert-lightner-created-his-own-shelter-for-abandoned-animals-20041176

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