Air Admittance Valves Leaking Sewer Gas Into Millions of Homes is a Public Health and Safety Concern

Nov 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

 Air admittance valves have been approved for use in the United States since 2009 by the American Society of Sanitary Engineers, known as ASSE. On Nov. 8, 2017 Michael DiMonte of Anti-Air-Lock Corporation, presented to the ASSE Product Standards Committee an immediate Public Health and Safety concern with respect to leaking air admittance valves.

The ASSE product standard committee is the authority for writing product standards for the industry and certifying these products are safe for sale and installation in the United States. DiMonte’s presentation included Lab Reports from Metallurgical Engineering Services, Inc. an independent A2LA certified test lab having completed testing protocol’s which concluded that Air Admittance Valves leak sewer gas into homes and buildings where one is installed under normal thermodynamic pressure differential conditions.

During the presentation, DiMonte says he faced opposition from both the ASSE Product Standards Committee itself and a representative of a manufacturer that makes air admittance valves. DiMonte also says that it was important to point out the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) drawing attention to the Acute Exposure Guideline Level (AEGL) published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and available at the EPA website (https://www.epa.gov/aegl/hydrogen-sulfide-results-aegl-program) — documenting that humans should not be exposed to more than 0.75 ppm of H2S for longer than 10 minutes within their home or building.

DiMonte states that he advised the committee, in regard to a claim from a printed article showing that H2S exposure to humans was ok up to 1500 ppm, that “the EPA is the authority” on the subject. After the meeting, DiMonte further stated in an interview that “1500 ppm would certainly result in irreversible damage or death to a human and would pose an even greater threat to children and the elderly.”

During the presentation, DiMonte continued to point out to the ASSE Product Standards Committee the lab results which concluded Air Admittance Valves in compliance with and certified to ASSE 1051 and ASSE 1050 fail the leak test performed by Metallurgical Engineering Services, Inc. (http://hydrogen-sulfide.dudaone.com/air-admittance-valves-fail-leak-test). At the conclusion of the presentation and debate over whether air admittance valves certified to ASSE standards leak, DiMonte states that following private deliberation by the committee before a vote in front of the public, “I was appalled that the majority of the committee accepted a motion to not make any changes to the standard, which effectively allows sewer gas to leak into the occupant area of a home and buildings.”

Air Admittance Valves are usually installed by licensed plumbers to vent plumbing fixtures and are the seal between sewer gas and the occupied areas in homes and buildings. They are required to comply with and certified to ASSE 1050 and ASSE 1051 standards in order to be sold and installed in the United States. These products are also sometimes installed by the homeowners themselves. “Over 10 million Air Admittance Valves are installed in the United States and they are leaking sewer gas into homes and buildings through the seal,” DiMonte explains.

DiMonte explains the thermodynamics of how these valves leak sewer gas into homes and buildings. “When temperature outside the building is greater than the temperature inside the building, these temperature differentials are proportionate to pressure changes as is confirmed by Gay-Lussac’s Law. Where an Air Admittance Valve is installed and when the pressures result in a net negative pressure in the home, it can allow sewer gas to be pulled in via the pressure drop as it creates a vacuum within the home or building.” According to DiMonte’s statement, this would pose an immediate health and safety concern to the public and anyone who enters or resides within a home that has an Air Admittance Valve installed within the building’s occupant area.

ASSE has denied modifying test protocols to ensure air admittance valves manufactured and certified to the standards prevent Sewer Gas from leaking into the occupant area when installed. DiMonte says that in order to ensure the health and safety of the public, intervention is needed by an agency with the authority to overrule the ASSE product standard committee. “A report was submitted and certified to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC) under report number 20171108-8D807-2147395650 and I have further authorized similar reports to the EPA and CDC. I will do whatever it takes to protect the health and safety of the public. Nobody deserves to be at risk to H2S exposure in their own homes induced by a mechanical device approved by an organization which was founded to protect the public health and safety,” DiMonte states in conclusion of his interview.

A copy of DiMonte’s presentation is located at the following link:


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