SUNNY SKY SOLAR Offering Customised Solar Solutions in Toowoomba

Nov 14, 2017 - (Newswire)

​​As energy crisis is approaching criticality, harnessing solar energy is the need of the hour for Australian homes and offices. SUNNY SKY SOLAR is just making the transition easier, trouble-free and cost-effective. One of the leading solar companies, SUNNY SKY SOLAR offers comprehensive solutions to help Australians generate reliable, sustainable and need-based power in Queensland. Right from selling top quality solar products to professional installations to upkeep and maintenance, the solar company caters to it all, allowing the client to focus on his core competencies. 

Replying to a query related to SUNNY SKY SOLAR’s products, one of its executives recently stated, “SUNNY SKY SOLAR is the only stop needed for Australians wanting to go solar. We maintain a large inventory of solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries fitting the needs of residential and commercial sectors. We understand the importance of product quality, which is why we prefer selling brands that we have been using for years. What’s more, our products are tested to exacting standards and listed on the Clean Energy Council approved product list.” 

SUNNY SKY SOLAR’s sourcing policy underlines its commitment to quality. The solar company handpicks solar panels from the likes of JINKO Solar, CSUN panel, BYD Solar Panels, Canadian Solar, HANWHA Q CELLS, LG Mono X® 2, PHONO Solar, Trina Solar, GCL System Integration and ET Solar. Its inverters come from ABB (Erstwhile - Aurora), SMA, Sun Grow, FRONIUS Australia and ZEVER SOLAR, while the batteries are sourced from SOLAX Box, Lithium Battery, LG Chem and GCL System Integration. SUNNY SKY SOLAR draws on its business ties and decent purchasing capital to save big on procurements, which are passed on to the buyer.  

Offering information on the solar solutions in Toowoomba on offer, the executive further stated, “Toowoomba receives optimum sunlight, making it a perfect place to harness solar energy. As a locally managed company with years of industry experience, SUNNY SKY SOLAR can be the winning move for the locals wanting to embrace the future and save big on power bills. We have innovated and designed solar solutions that work well for the clients and their individual power needs. With customised packages, we allow proprietors in Toowoomba to create their own power solutions suiting their needs and budget.”   

With SUNNY SKY SOLAR, clients can expect Tier 1, CEC-approved Solar panels in Toowoomba  at great savings. The solar company has proficient and experienced installers who can take up any project, regardless of its scale or complexity. They work around the client’s budget and deliver efficient and timely installations. Whether the client is looking for off-the-grid solutions or grid-connected energy, SUNNY SKY SOLAR keeps him covered. Additionally, the solar company also offer in-depth consultations to help the client know his options. Easy financing option with zero upfront costs is also readily available in Toowoomba. 


Based in Brisbane, SUNNY SKY SOLAR is a solar company serving Queensland for the past several years with commitment and focus. The solar company not only sells solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries but also installs and maintains them in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Lately, SUNNY SKY SOLAR has emerged as the top choice for those wanting a solar system in Brisbane  or looking for solar power in QLD .

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